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Services Offered

 Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

I offer both short-term (under 10 sessions) counseling and long-term psychotherapy to individuals looking to get help with a variety of problems, heal or recover from trauma (whether childhood or adult), get "unstuck" and out of their own way when it comes to repeating the same pattern, understand and gain awareness around one's relationship patterns and choices, learn more effective communication methods, navigate through the uncertainty and anxiety of life's big transitions, and more. The most important relationship you'll ever have is with yourself. Individual counseling can improve self-awareness, overall functioning and wellness, mood and satisfaction with life. 

Couples Counseling

I offer couples counseling to to married, unmarried, engaged, and LGBTQ couples. I truly believe that our intimate relationships can be the source of our greatest joy and comfort or our greatest pain and frustration. Sometimes both! I can help you identify strengths, identify problem areas, and improve your connection, repair trust, and develop healthier ways of having conflict.  Sometimes it is helpful for me to see the individual members of the couple individually as well as have couple sessions as it is all too common that we bring our baggage, our wounds, our earliest childhood "stuff" into our present day relationship and it's important to address those wounds as part of couples therapy. 

Mother/Daughter Counseling

The mother daughter relationship can be an intense one and fraught with issues if healthy communication and boundaries are not in place. Common issues can include feeling criticized, over involvement, over identifying, being either too strict or too permissive, passive aggressive communication, controlling/helicopter parenting, and more. I can help the two of you establish a safer,  more respectful and enjoyable relationship. 


It is with great pleasure that I am bringing Will O'Sullivan onboard as a post-graduate intern (with his master's in counseling) to provide high quality counseling services based on your household income.  If you are without insurance, or have Medicaid and cannot find a good provider in the area, or you'd prefer to have completely confidential therapy and not use your insurance, or if you just want to work with Will (and that's reason enough!) then this could be a fantastic option for you. Please inquire at

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