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Information regarding COVID-19:

Now more than usual, people are needing mental health support.  Fear of self or loved ones getting sick (which may turn to reality in upcoming weeks and months), financial instability, social isolation, coping with anxiety regarding the uncertainty of so much, stress of taking care of children who are home-bound from school closures, pressures on marriage to adjust to the changes, lack of usual stress relieving outlets to help....the list goes on. All on top of any original issues you may have been seeking counseling for to begin with! I do not want this to be a time where people abandon their mental health, for we need resiliency, calm and compassion more than ever to ride this storm out.


I am seeing clients in person at my very low traffic office building (only therapist in office suite so you will not be sharing the waiting room with other clients) or virtually via video/phone though in-person services will require a mask.  I do EMDR with many of my clients and at this time prefer not to do EMDR remotely (virtually), however I am happy to offer more traditional talk therapy via virtual methods. For information about EMDR please click here. For information about virtual therapy's effectiveness click here


 Disinfecting measures are being taken in common areas, doorknobs, etc. regularly however I urge you to continue to practice handwashing and avoidance of touching your face. Unfortunately, physical contact will be limited to 'elbow bumps' at this time. Should you or anyone you are in contact with, show symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, chills, dry cough, loss of smell./taste, fatigue) I am happy to offer tele/video therapy to you for the mandatory quarantine period..  If you are an insurance client, rest assured these sessions will be covered by your insurance. Likewise-should I or anyone I am in contact with come down with virus symptoms or test positive, I will offer tele-video health sessions. Please, and I cannot urge this enough,  do your part to practice social distancing, mask wearing and goody hygiene. We will get through this as a community! 


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