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Life Transitions

Are you in the middle of a life transition and find yourself struggling with anxiety and/or depression, fear of the unknown, grief over some aspect of your former life ending, or just find yourself not feeling like yourself? I like to think of transitions as having a beginning, middle and end. The middle is the hard part. But it is also the part where a lot of beautiful things happen. Think of the butterfly who starts out as a caterpillar. It is not an overnight change! The caterpillar first must do the important work of encasing itself in a woven cocoon. Then it spends a long time undergoing massive amounts of change while in the cocoon before emerging completely different than it started, as a magnificent butterfly. Oftentimes life transitions send us off kilter where we no longer feel grounded or certain in who we are. This can be extremely anxiety provoking for some. 


Some major life transitions that frequently lead to this feeling of uncertainty include:

  • Graduating college

  • The quarter-life crisis (usually around age 22-27)

  • Getting married

  • Having a first child/becoming a parent

  • Empty nest (when the children all move out to start their adult lives)

  • Change of career

  • Mid-life crisis (usually around age 45-50)

  • Divorce

  • Loss of parent

Transitions can profoundly change us, but they frequently are very uncomfortable to go through. I can help provide you with a roadmap. I can provide you with a safe space to share whatever thoughts and feelings arise during this time, no matter how shameful or "taboo" they may seem to you. They are part of the human experience. I can help you identify and heal the parts of you that are scared of the change so that you feel more grounded, confident, and trust in yourself. 

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