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Referral Sources

Will O'Sullivan, RMHCI Solution focused, couples, premarital, anger managment, anxiety 904-599-8320 (Intern at my practice)

Maggie Nick, LCSWI  904-383-0626 (kids 8 yrs and up, parenting support, grief, healing childhood trauma, low self-worth)

Rainey Crawford, NCC, LMHC  904-557-5288 (expressive arts therapy, children, bipolar, PTSD, parenting support)


Niki Boyce, LMHC  904-548-6352 (family counseling, codependency, grief, teens, depression) Does EMDR

Candace Tierney, LMFT 904-491-8003 trauma,  EMDR

Christy Brown (In Jacksonville), LMHC 904-697-6033 EMDR, trauma

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