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Men's Issues

Times have changed. The prescription for a successful life for a man used to be, be strong, feelings are for the week , get a good job, work hard, provide for your family, and be the man of the house. Don't cry, don't need another, don't depend on another, etc. It's okay to have affairs because that's what all men do. Or it's okay to hit the bar after work instead of going home to your family because that's what men need to do. You get the picture. 

The woman's movement has been all about empowering women to find their voice. To tap into their rage at inequality, at being victim's of violence, at their feelings about whether or not they want to have a career, or even want to become mothers. Women are evolving to embrace their animus (the unconscious masculine side of a woman) and integrate it into their beings to achieve wholeness. I am truly grateful to have grown up in a time when this is becoming the new norm. Born from a mother with a very successful career, her way of living informed me that I could be whomever I wanted to as well. I always wanted to be a mother, but I feel grateful that I'm living in a time that my entire worth isn't dependent upon procreating. We hear anthems of "girls run the world" and champion our daughters into being assertive leaders. 

BUT WHAT ABOUT MEN? What about our sons? Our fathers, brothers, friends? Do they get to have wholeness too? Do they get to feel fully alive and not cut off from half of their psyche? It's a RESOUNDING yes from me. As a mother of sons, a sister to brothers, and a daughter to a father, I am a champion for the healing of our men. 

Now, if I've lost you with words like "heal" or "wholeness"...well that's actually a sign that you've landed on this page for the right reasons.  Does tenderness chafe against you where you bristle and turn away? That's where your strength lies. 

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